7 Best Hotels in New York City for Night Stay (All Time)

They are connected by several things – they are luxurious, elegantly decorated, and full of the charisma of the Ford era. It is not one of the largest hotels, but it all has a unique story and is a maximum of half an hour’s walk from New York’s Central Park. The youngest of them is 84 years old. These are some best hotels in new york city all time.

If you are looking for some objective measure according to which we chose hotels (number of rooms, bidets, cleaners per broom …), you are looking in vain. The story, some interesting features that made the hotel famous, played a role in compiling this list. But now keep your suitcases, we’re starting!

List of best hotels in new york

1. Waldorf Astoria

Waldorf Astoria

Located in midtown Manhattan at 301 Park Avenue, this is a five-star luxury hotel and at one time the world’s largest hotel, the Waldorf Astoria. This one of the best hotel in new york for night stay. It is now the 7th largest in NY and each of the 1,245 rooms boasts original Art Deco décor. It is a 15-minute walk from Central Park.

And did you know that there were originally two hotels and only later became one of them? In 1893, the millionaire William Waldorf Astor founded a hotel called Waldorf, and in 1897 his cousin John Jacob Astor IV. – once the richest passenger on the ocean liner Titanic – founded the Astoria Hotel.

In 1929, however, the hotel had to be demolished due to the construction of the Empire State Building. Two years later, he was standing again – bigger and more dignified, exactly according to the plans of the Astor family.

2. Hotel Pennsylvania

Hotel Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Hotel, the 4th largest hotel in NY, is also located in the heart of vibrant Manhattan and offers 1,700 available rooms. Central Park is a 30-minute walk away. It was inaugurated in the cold January of 1919. The hotel is especially famous for its main restaurant – the noble Café Rouge – where at one time such aces as the jazz alchemist of the 1930s Duke Ellington with his orchestra and the famous clarinetist Woody Herman with their own big band regularly played.

The hotel also once hosted the famous American novelist William Faulkner, who enjoyed indulging in his elegant walls by dreaming and drawing ideas for his short stories. And by the way … the building on the left is the famous Empire State Building!

3. Edison Hotel

Edison Hotel

In 1931, the luxurious Hotel Edison (900 rooms) saw the light of day, today it is the 12th largest hotel in NY, with 3 restaurants and 26 floors. It takes a 17-minute walk from Central Park. It is built and decorated in the then fashionable art deco style. Ranked as one of the best hotels in new york. The “bulb maker” Thomas Alva Edison, after whom the owner and initiator Milton J. Kramer named the hotel, was also the first to turn on the lights himself! Coincidentally, 1931 is also the last in Edison’s rich and adventurous life.

4. Hotel Plaza

Hotel Plaza new york

In 1907, an architectural gem was built on 768 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan – the Plaza Hotel, a famous 20th-century film set. Scenes were shot here, for example to Friends, Crocodile Dundee or Big Gatsby. We must not forget the small and witty hero Kevin McAllister from the film Home Alone 2. He is only a 2-minute walk from Central Park.  best hotel for night stay in new york.

The hotel also housed The Beatles on their first American tour. Jazz and trumpet player Miles Davis also recorded a live record here.

5. Westin Times Square

Westin Times Square hotel

The Westin Times Square Hotel is the 13th largest in NY. But he only passes the top ten, for example, Edison beats him by only 27 places. It was built in 1931. It is a 22-minute walk from Central Park. The Westin Times Square hotel has become widely known, especially with its completely unique architectural concept and cheerfully to flashy light pastel facade.

The hotel may not be as famous as its larger and more spacious New York competitors, but if you walk around the main lounge and open the room door, your jaw may fall out of its hinges. You will find that this 4-star gem has a lot to say!

6. Grand Hyatt

Grand Hyatt hotel

The 5th largest hotel in NY is the 26-story Grand Hyatt (formerly called The Commodore Hotel) opened its doors in January 1919, as did the Pennysylvania Hotel is now the best hotels in new york. Central Park is a 23-minute walk away. The hotel was named after “Commodore” Cornelius Vanderbilt, a Dutch philanthropist, industrialist, and founder of the NY rail system. In 1980, it was completely rebuilt and modernized to its current form.

7. Park Central Hotel

Park Central Hotel

This is the 10th largest hotel in NY – it has 935 rooms ranked in best hotels in new york. The grand opening took place in June 1927. It is an 8-minute walk from Central Park. The hotel has a very turbulent history, for example, a year after its opening, a famous gangster and mobster Arnold Rothenstein, nicknamed the “brain”, was shot here during a card game. The Park Central Hotel was a favorite of the longest-serving (12 years) First Lady of the United States, Eleanor Roosevelt.

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