Bangladeshi Team Wins U-19 World Cup Cricket Competition

Bangladesh wins the ICC U-19 World Cup Cricket Competition title, Bangladesh group beats India by choosing to become title holders just because by overcoming India by 3 wickets. Worth occurred under Louis Matthews, the Indian group was bowled out for 177 in the principal game.In answer Bangladesh group accomplished the ideal objective by 7 wickets in 42.1 overs, Chief Akbar Ali indicated capable batting 43.India’s expectations of dominating the game by tossing runs, ended up being a festival in Bangladesh after the Bengal Tigers triumph. Bhangra beat,has cast and desserts were disseminated youngster push in India grieve destruction of the Indian surmayun, Jaiswal’s innings of 88 runs futile.

Bangladesh chief Akbar Ali welcomed India to bat first in the ICC U-19 World Cup last played at the Pot Chefstrom on Sunday, and the boilers demonstrated the pioneer’s choice by showing Napi Bone bowling. The Indian group was bowled out for 177 in 47.2 overs. Prior, none of India’s players, aside from Yashaswi Jaiswal, played transparently before the Bangladesh Bowlers’ astounding line and length bowling. Dewanish Saxena 2, Tilak Verma 38, Skipper Pre Yam Garg 7, Dhruv Jurl 22, Atharva 3, Ravi Bashani 2, Sushant Mishra 3, Karthik O Sudesh was bowled with no run scored, while Li 3 Flight shake Das suryf Islam and Shakib Al Hasan association 2, 2 and 1 wicket rival Hassan Ni.

In answer, the Bangladesh U-19 group scored 163 for seven wickets in 41 overs in quest for the ideal objective that began to rain, after the downpour came down to win the Bangladeshi group under Dick Worth Louis Strategy. The objective of 7 runs was scored in 5 overs while Bangladesh group scored the objective moving along without any more misfortune, Commander Akbar Ali 43 and Raqibul Hasan stayed unbeaten on 9 runs. Pervez Hussain 47, Tanzid Hassan 17, Mahmud Hussain 8, Tawheed Hari Doe Safar, Shahadat Hussain 1, Shamim Hussain 7 Ivy Shek Das turned out with 5 runs.

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