Top 7 Best Beaches to visit in Turkey

Interest in holidays abroad is rising year by year.  If you are traveling to the latter destination, we have a few tips for the best Beaches to visit in Turkey that you must not miss during your trip.

Best Beaches to visit in Turkey

Here is the list of Top 7 Top 7 Best Beaches to visit in Turkey.

1. Blue Lagoon beach, Oludeniz

Of course, we cannot start our list of the most beautiful Turkish beaches with anything other than the famous Blue Lagoon. It is a symbol of the resort Ölüdeniz and is one of the most photographed places in the country. Although Ölüdeniz is a relatively young resort, more and more tourists come here from year to year, attracted by the azure sea, rich flora, and sandy beaches. The beautiful turquoise bay, which is regularly ranked in the list of the most beautiful beaches in the world, is separated from the sea by a narrow sandy neck.

Blue Lagoon beach,

2. Iztuzu, Dalyan

Iztuzu Beach is located in southwestern Turkey between the famous areas of Marmaris and Fethyi near the picturesque town of Dalyan. In essence, it is nothing more than a sandy rampart between the delta of the Dalyan River and the Mediterranean Sea. Tourists are attracted by the area of the beach itself (4.5 kilometers), but also by the presence of turtles that float here to lay eggs. For this reason, the beach has been under government protection since 1988 and strict rules apply. From 1 May to 31 October, the beach is closed to the public from 20:00 until 08:00. In some places, which are specially marked, it is also not possible to place sunbeds and umbrellas.

beaches in turkey

3. Cleopatra Beach, Alanya

There are many myths and legends about the famous resort of Alanya. According to one of them, her surroundings received a beautiful Cleopatra as a wedding gift. Marcus Antonius was to blame for this wedding gift. He is also said to have had the finest sand brought to one of the beaches. No wonder the beach was named after the beloved Cleopatra. Cleopatra Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Turkey. Its length is 3.5 kilometers and according to many rankings and polls is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The beach is close to various shops, restaurants, and bars, as well as the castle, which is reached by a cable car.

turkey beach

4. Kaputas, Kas

This beauty can be found in the smaller resort of Kas. Kaş is a small port town located about 170 km west of Antalya. It was built on the foundations of the original city of Antiphellos, which used to be an important port and a member of the local city union as early as the 4th century AD. The town looks like a Greek destination. It will probably not surprise anyone that the beaches are as beautiful here as in Greece. One of the most visited beaches is certainly a beauty named Kaputas, located on the way to the center of Kas (about 20 minutes by taxi). Because the beach leads about 170 steps, it is not suitable for people with reduced mobility.

Kaputas, Kas

5. Patara, Lycia

The magnificent ancient city of Patara boasts more than just a number of well-preserved monuments. One of the reasons why more and more tourists come here is the beach of the same name, which is one of the largest beaches in Turkey. Patara boasts more than 18 kilometers of length. Even in the high season, it is not too crowded. In addition to the length, tourists are also attracted by the presence of sea turtles, which sail here to lay eggs. For this reason, the beach is under special protection, which is associated with a ban on water sports and other activities.

Patara, Lycia

6. Cirali

Çıralı cannot be described as a separate resort. In fact, it is just a picturesque beach hidden at the mouth of two rivers, between mountains with many garden hotels, two shops, and about five open pubs. Accommodation in the place is not exactly the cheapest. On the contrary. Everywhere the human eye can see, there is a national park with rich fauna and flora. Nevertheless, Çıralı is worth a visit. In most places the beach is sandy, but there are also parts where you will find fine pebbles. Because the beach is really long, it is not too crowded even in the main tourist season.

Cirali beach

7. Konyaalti, Antalya

If you are heading to the popular resort of Antalya, be sure to visit the beauty called Konyaalti, which is considered by many tourists to be the most beautiful in all of Antalya. You can easily get here by tram from the city center. If you prefer walking, then head towards the cliffs from the port. After about a kilometer, the character of the coast calms down and in front of you opens a beautiful sandy beach lined with green parks and a very pleasant environment. Konyaalti is mostly pebble and well equipped. Here you will find showers, toilets, and several shops and restaurants.

Konyaalti, Antalya
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