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The Florida city of Miami is not only a place with fabulous beaches, but also an area where there is something to explore.

Wondering where to go to the sea this year? What to go to Florida? The Florida city of Miami is not only a place with fabulous beaches, but also an area where there is something to explore. So you don’t have to worry about spending your entire stay swimming and sunbathing. There are more than enough historical sites, architectural gems, nature parks and opportunities for activities and entertainment.

Miami is without a doubt the metropolis of American Florida, a dazzling tropical paradise in which palm trees grow almost everywhere, and where, thanks to the warm Gulf Stream, we can always look forward to warm weather. Winter temperatures usually do not fall below 19 ° C, which makes Miami a suitable holiday destination all year round.

In addition, Miami was named the cleanest city in America by the prestigious Forbes magazine a few years ago, and its skyscraper skyline is the third most impressive in the United States after New York and Chicago. Miami was originally a small agricultural settlement in the Florida wilderness, and it was not until the end of the 19th century that the railroad began to develop.

Already in the 1920s, speculators came here with land, and at this time many breathtaking pastel-colored buildings in the Art Deco style were also built, which you can still see in the protected area of ​​the Art Deco Historic District. It also includes the famous Ocean Drive, a famous street with unmistakable seaside charm and neon night lights.

Beaches like the catalog and the famous Miami Beach

The city itself is made up of several different neighborhoods, which together form two central areas of the city: mainland Miami and a huge sandy beach called Miami Beach.

The Miami Beach area undoubtedly attracts the largest number of visitors, as it has been one of the most sought-after resorts in the USA, the so-called American Riviera, for many years. Twelve miles long you will find mainly endless sandy beaches and of course hotels, restaurants, clubs and high-rise buildings.

The most famous and popular beach in Miami Beach is South Beach, which occupies the southernmost three miles of the city. Until the 1920s, it was an infested thicket full of mosquitoes. Today, its beaches look like they are from the catalogs of travel agencies – you find yourself in a complete idyll full of satisfied half-naked tanned bodies with multicolored cocktails in hand.

In Latin American rhythm in Mala Havana

When you stop enjoying the sun, head to one of the most interesting parts of the city, Little Havana, the so-called Little Havana. The composition of the population is very interesting in Miami, and it is this that gives Miami its depth and charm. While whites make up about 72% of the local population, only about ten percent of them are “non-Hispanic.”

About 60% of Miami residents use Spanish as their first language, and many speak little or no English. The vast majority of the population is Cubans, who came here in several waves after 1959, when Fidel Castro came to power in Cuba. The choice of their location is more than logical, because the southernmost point of the USA, Florida’s Key West, is only 130 km of water in Havana, Cuba.

Cubans are ubiquitous in Miami, but you can get to know the real Cuban atmosphere in the area of ​​Little Havana, where the very first Cuban immigrants settled in the 1960s. Here you suddenly find yourself in a completely different world, which works in Latin American rhythms, especially during numerous year-round color festivals, the most spectacular of which is the Miami Carnival, the largest Latin American holiday in the United States.

But even outside of it, you will be able to enjoy an exotic atmosphere in Little Havana. Along the main artery of the district, Calle Ocho, you will find authentic stalls with exotic fruits, cafes with strong Cuban coffee, or you can buy a hand-rolled cigar. You can visit, for example, the Museum of Cuban Culture, Juan J. Peruyero Museum.

The charm of luxury and art districts

When visiting, don’t forget the section called Coral Gables, a luxury district with large lawns and majestic elegant buildings, such as the Biltmore Hotel, home to the illegal alcoholic lair of the famous Al Capona at the time of the Prohibition.

However, the real treasure of this district is the so-called Venetian Lake, Venetian Pool – a very romantic lake on the site of a former quarry overgrown with palm trees and adorned with waterfalls, caves and picturesque cliffs. Swimming in the local crystal clear water is one of the strong experiences.

If you want to experience even more from Miami, there is a section called Coconut Grove, Coconut Grove, which is a neighborhood of artists, bohemians and intellectuals full of galleries, boutiques and street cafes. In addition, you will also find the popular CocoWalk shopping and entertainment center.

Swimming with dolphins, alligators and tigers

If you love animals or if you have children with you, you will definitely be amazed by a visit to the unique Miami sea aquarium. The Miami Seaquarium offers the opportunity to swim with dolphins, watch killer whales or lions and show you the perfect underwater life in the Atlantic and Caribbean.

Miami also has a charming zoo, the Miami Metrozoo, whose main attractions include the white Bengal tigers and cute koalas. If you still don’t have enough animals, know that just an hour’s drive east of Miami is the Everglades National Park, known for its large number of alligators, which you can observe from the deck of a boat or learn more about on local alligator farms.

If you go to the sea mainly for snorkeling and diving, know that the bottom of Miami Bay is covered with fabulous coral reefs. Do you prefer outdoor activities? In Miami, waves of oceans descend surfers, and cyclists, runners, and people on inlines and skateboards ride along groomed trails around the beaches.

Or just go and enjoy the huge cruise ships to the port of Miami, which is the largest port for pleasure cruises in the world. From here, you can go to the Bahamas, Jamaica, Mexico and beyond.… Or just look and stay in Miami for a while, because there is more than enough to learn.

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