But the Loss Was Due to Test Cricket: Pak Vs Ban

When Mahmudullah came to play hat trick, Rawalpindi’s crowd was at his desk. When Naseem Shah stood at his mark for the run-up, there was such an echo of slogans as to be the World Cup final and the match had to be decided on the same ball. Mahmudullah is a particularly experienced batsman. He is one of two senior players in the squad. He also knows how to deal with difficult moments and pressures and was certainly optimistic that he would play the ball with ease.

But the noise in the stands was so loud that no sound could be heard. Naseem Shah had previously taken two wickets on the best ball. This third ball was not a pair of first two balls.

If Mahmudullah left the ball that was stuck outside the off stump line, it would have gone straight into the keeper’s gloves and the hat-trick chance would have ended but Mahmudullah was under so much pressure that the ball was out.

When the umpire’s finger was lifted into the atmosphere, the face of the non-striker and captain Mominul Haq’s face changed. Even when Mohammed Mathan reached the crease for batting, all the colors from Mominul Haq’s face had disappeared, just a tear that he had withheld from perfection.

But this seizure did not last long. It was only a few minutes before the game began this morning that Moumanul Haque could not read the ball coming in at the middle stump of Shaheen Shah Afridi and his difficulty seemed to be easy.

After the match, Mominul Haque remained silent throughout the ceremony. Depression was evident in his face, he answered very briefly and asked questions. Even when he was congratulated on winning Bangladesh in the final of the Under-19 World Cup yesterday, his face did not change.

The question is whether the defeat of the innings against Pakistan is something for Mominul Haq, whose suffering was not enough for him to suffer. Did they really understand that they could win or at least compete with this Pakistani team?

The situation and the outcome of this match are no different from the previous Pakistan vs Australia match. Mominul Haq’s team was also beaten throughout the innings and Azhar Ali’s team suffered the same results in both successive matches.

But it was only a few weeks later that same team returned to full form and won the series against Sri Lanka and finished third in the Test Championship table. After this win, Azhar Ali’s team stands at number four and is only six points away from Root’s English team in the third position.

Is there something that Mominul Haq Azhar Ali can learn from? There is a formula that when Mominul Haq returns for the second test in April, his team’s morale will not be at all equal to Pakistan’s, at least a little higher.

It was the seventh inning of the eight Tests played outside Bangladesh’s home. These numbers are not a matter of pride for any team or captain, but the tragedy is that when the team’s permanent captain is at home due to security concerns, how does the interim captain take on the responsibility of a hazard?

International teams have to improve their attitude towards Test cricket in Pakistan. It is not possible for senior players to apologize for the security reasons and to sit at home, and the temporary arrangements made in the chaos can result in victories.

Imagine if tomorrow New Zealand were to come to Pakistan and both Williamson and Russ Taylor would be at home as an excuse for security.

The only downside to the Kiwi team is the loss of test cricket, which will have to see two, three and unmatched, quality-lost contests in their survival battle.

This win is very important for Pakistan. Pakistan’s brilliant bowling discipline and tired batting talent really deserved the win and the margin, but Bangladesh’s performance not only damaged their team but also the loss of Test cricket, where another match equaled standard cricket. Finished without looking.

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