Top 10 Most beautiful places to Visit in Europe

That behind the bluish distances, exotics, volcanoes, springing springs or fairytale castles and chateaux you have to go to the other side of the world? But where! Countless mysterious, stunning, and timeless gems hide our continent. beautiful places to Visit in Europe that would be a sin not to see when traveling around Europe.

Beautiful places to Visit in Europe

Here is the list of top 10 beautiful places to visit in Europe if you are planning to travel in the europe you must visit these beautiful places.

Romantic Tunnel of Love (Ukraine)

tunnel of love

Near the town of Klevan, you will find an interesting prank of nature. For three kilometers along the old railway grow tall trees, which intertwine in the crowns and create an amazing vault formed by green leaves, which encourages romantic walks and denominations. The fairytale phenomenon attracts couples of all ages to the west of Ukraine. Legend has it that the wishes expressed inside the tunnel of love will soon become a reality.

Colorful city of Manarola (Italy)

Colorful city of Manarola

Our selection of the most beautiful places must not miss the picturesque town of Manarola, which can be found about a hundred kilometers from Genoa. However, only the hardest will dare to go to town. It is part of a rock rising above the stormy sea. And that’s not all. The local facades of their houses and restaurants were painted in bright colors, which completes the charming genius loci of this place.

La Sagrada Familia (Spain)

La Sagrada Familia

The east coast of Barcelona, ​​Spain, hides another important gem. It is nothing more than the 172-meter-high Sagrada Familia, the work of the famous Catalan architect Antonio Gaudí. The church was consecrated on November 7, 2010 by Pope Benedict XVI, and the church is still considered one of the most famous monuments in Barcelona. It should be noted that the temple is still not finished. Its construction has been underway since 1882 and the completed work will have three magnificent facades and eighteen towers, making them the tallest temple in the world.

Lavender fields in Provence (France)

Lavender fields in Provence

What do you imagine when someone says the name of the magical place in front of you – Provence? The pleasant scent of the ubiquitous lavender will surely blow you away, and the fields will appear in front of your eyes, colored in various shades of purple. Yes, this French town has the vast majority of us associated with lavender fields and a charming scent. In reality, however, Provence is much more beautiful and richer in terms of experience. It was the local lavender that gave rise to several world-famous perfumes and perfumes.

Trolltunga Reef (Norway)

Trolltunga Reef

Do you love adrenaline and unique views of the valley? Then the Trolltung Reef, which is a compound of the words “Troll Tongue”, must not escape your attention. Troll’s tongue – as we call the cliff here, is accessible via several paths. However, only the bravest ones will aim at him, who are not afraid of heights, but also that the giant rocky plateau will tear beneath them. The cliff is part of the Skjeggedal mountains in the south of the country near the town of Stavanger and we recommend going to it from May to September.

Ancient Acropolis (Athens)

Ancient Acropolis (Athens)

Are you a lover of Greek monuments? Then head to Athens and worship the ancient Acropolis, which is probably the most famous acropolis in the world. The Acropolis was built in antiquity sometime between the 13th and 5th centuries. BC Together with the Parthenon, it forms the main landmark of the city. Thanks to its extraordinary historical value, it was even inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1987.

Charming Rakotz Bridge (Germany)

Charming Rakotz Bridge (Germany)

No, you don’t have hallucinations or a fata morgana. The double bridge, which forms a perfect circle in front of tourists, is part of the German park Kromlau. The castle park is the largest German park ever. After all, thanks to its area of ​​200 hectares, it’s no wonder. It includes rhododendron stands, as well as the aforementioned Rakotz Bridge, which completes the unique atmosphere of this place.

Beaches and rocks of the Algarve (Portugal)

Beaches and rocks of the Algarve (Portugal)

The Algarve beach is one of the most beautiful and admired beaches in Europe. It is covered with golden sand, the reflections of which look like shattered diamonds thanks to the sun’s rays. The sandy idyll is a special sandstone formation, which gives the place a unique atmosphere. And when it comes to sandstone – around the Algarve you will find monumental rock formations, which are depicted on most Portuguese postcards.

City of Ronda (Spain)

City of Ronda (Spain)

The place where they compete with each other and complement the Moorish style with the Renaissance lies in the very heart of the Serranía de Ronda. This charming place will captivate you with its mysterious atmosphere and wild nature, which other Spanish cities could only quietly envy. The city lies in the original region of famous robbers and smugglers and its very heart beats at an altitude of 750 meters. Ronda is divided into two parts by a hundred-meter-deep gorge, which was broken through the river Guadalevín in the rocks. The New Bridge (Puente Nuevo), which is a famous tourist magnet, leads across it.

Fairytale Lapland (Finland)

Fairytale Lapland Finland

A landscape where foxes give a good night? But where! You won’t get much sleep here. During the night, you will stare in disbelief up to the sky, where a real and unadulterated natural theater will take place. Tourists in Lapland are attracted not only by the Northern Lights, but also by a unique means of transport – sleighs with harnessed reindeer. As soon as you get tired of staying under the sky playing with all colors, you can take a nap, for example, in the local ice hotel.


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