Top 5 Best cricket stadiums in the world

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Cricket is the most played game in the world. Nowadays, every match is being broadcast on television, but watching cricket matches in different cricket stadium is a great experience. In this article, we are will discuss the world’s Top 5 best cricket stadiums.

1. Lord’s, London, England

Lord’s cricket stadium is the home of cricket which was built in 1814. The seating capacity of this famous stadium is 30,000. It is situated in St John’s Wood, London and is known for its best architecture as well. And you can see the stunning view of the Worcester River that can be seen from the stadium.

2. Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne, Australia

With an impressive holding capacity of 90,000 fans, Melbourne Cricket Ground is the largest stadium in Australia – the 10th largest stadium in the world; and the world’s largest cricket stadium. Located just walking distance from the city center, MCG was built in 1853 and has the tallest light towers for any sporting venue in the world.

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3. Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney, Australia

Established in 1848 in Moore Park, Sydney, this is one of Australia’s oldest and most prestigious public sporting stadiums. It has capacity strength of around 48,000 and it also covers a playing area of 156 m long and 154 m wide distance. Although it is a multi-sport type stadium it is primarily used for hosting international cricket matches.

best cricket stadiums

4. The Gabba, Brisbane

Established in 1895 in Brisbane it has a capacity strength of 42000. The Gabba is traditionally the first venue of an Ashes series hosted by the Aussies. It has a long reputation of being a tough ground to play on. England has only won two matches there since 1945 and only seven English players have reached the 100 run barrier. Gabba is one of the top 5 best cricket stadiums.

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5. Eden Gardens, Kolkata, India

We know that in India, Cricket goes beyond just a sport. With a capacity of nearly 70,000, Eden Gardens is the second-largest stadium in the world (in terms of size) and one of the largest stadiums in India. It was set up in 1864 in Kolkata and is home to the IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders.

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