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You probably won’t find a place in the world that offers you as many opportunities for fun, gambling, and a spoiled lifestyle as Las Vegas. In this mega-factory with dreams abounding in ubiquitous luxury and carefree life, everyone forgets their sorrows and problems, at least for a while, and indulges in an endless flood of famous experiences in this travel guide to Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is a dynamic and dazzling city of tall casinos and hotels that can absorb one hundred thousand visitors every day. Its streets are full of fun, dazzling neon lights, shocking giant screens, and millions of millions of dollars. It awakens to full beauty mainly after dark, when millions of multicolored lights and neons begin to color.

Las Vegas also inextricably includes banned, albeit openly, prostitution, high crime, drugs, alcohol, and suicide. Most of all, however, Vegas is a money factory that rolls forty million tourists each year and draws dizzying profits from them. Coincidence has no place here. Every detail is thoroughly thought out and marketing verified. Maybe that’s why some people love Las Vegas and others curse them.

How to enjoy Las Vegas

What can be done here? Everyone will really get their money’s worth. Lovers of the nightlife will be satisfied by exclusive clubs, cabaret, discos, and bars, gamblers will find their paradise in one of the local luxury casinos. Do you just want to relax here? Also, no problem, luxuriously equipped hotels offer relaxation programs, spas, or even massages.
Las Vegas is also a good place for golfers – spend the day on the course, have a delicious dinner in one of the renowned restaurants in the evening, then watch a dramatic performance in a theater or a concert. Adrenaline lovers have the opportunity to get their blood flowing in one of the great roller coasters. In the area, you will find many interesting places to visit, for example, by renting a car.

The entertainment business will absolutely captivate you here. Don’t know as? Visitors can order a helicopter and fly over the city after dark, or fly somewhere in the area. There are no unusual ideas in Las Vegas. But one thing is prepared for everyone here – countless shows and experiences that roll over you like an endless avalanche from around every corner. You will run out of time in Las Vegas so fast that you will not want to leave at all.

The main artery is the Strip

In the summer, Las Vegas is hot and hot even after dark, with temperatures of 35 ° C. Air conditioning is a matter of course. The main center of events is called Las Vegas Boulevard (nicknamed the Strip). It is lined with luxury hotels, casinos, fountains, etc. The six-kilometer section of the street with all the essential attractions is delimited by the Stratosphere Tower and to the south by the giant Luxor Pyramid. At the top of the 350-meter-high Stratosphere, you will find not only a glass viewpoint but also a roller coaster.

Further south, to the city center, begins the area of ​​large casinos. Sahara, one of the oldest casinos in the city, we meet a bit aside, it pays for a quieter place. This is followed by Circus Circus with live productions by Acrobats, Stardust, Riviera, and Desert Inn. In the seven-meter-deep lagoon in front of the Treasure Palace casino, there is a regular battle of a pirate sailboat with an English corvette – there are cannons, explosions, whipping flames, and finally a sunken ship.

From the huge display of the Mirage Hotel, two sophisticated tamers, Sigfried and Roy, look down, who are the main magnet of the show with rare white tigers. We can see the animals in the glass atrium at the main entrance. In the artificial jungle in front of the hotel with a lake and a tropical waterfall, a volcano erupts after dark, lava flows and water burns.

Hotels Guide in Las Vegas

hotels las vegas

Then comes Flamingo – rebuilt into the Hilton Hotel – and opposite it is the impressive Caesars Palace. Inside him, the Olympian gods fight – an ingenious set of robots for eight million dollars at regular intervals growing out of a peaceful fountain and filling the space with fire and crashing. The performance takes place at the junction of Renaissance streets with shops, restaurants under a pale blue sky, although in fact in the deep underground of the casino.

Not far from here stands the slender line of the Eiffel Tower, but half the height. And if the Eiffel Tower, why not the Statue of Liberty? The symbol of America and a replica of New York with the New York-New York casino can be found south of the Paris casino. In pocket-sized Manhattan, we’ll walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, enter a casino with the quiet atmosphere of Central Park in the setting sun. Outside, among imitations of skyscrapers, the Manhattan Express Roller Coaster runs at speeds of up to 100 km / h.

Is that enough? However, this should not be the poisonous phosphorescent greenery of the MGM Grand Hotel Casino. With 5,000 rooms, it is by far the largest hotel in the world and one of the symbols of Las Vegas. A futuristic train on a single track passes through the huge building, and right next to the main entrance is the Lion Habitat tropical garden with temple ruins and trained lions.

The MGM Grand was designed by architect Veldon Simpson, from whose workshop came the Excalibur Hotel in the style of a medieval castle, as well as the breathtaking Luxor. This black pyramid at the end of the “Strip” will captivate you with simplicity and charm. It is hollow, but it hides over four thousand hotel rooms in its walls. And its atrium is so large that it would park nine giant Boeing 747s stacked on top of each other.

Las Vegas is fascinating and even a week is a hell of a little time to explore its attractions. And the same goes for this article – that’s why we’ll be back in Las Vegas. Twice.

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