U-19 World Cup Final, Fighting Players Were Sentenced

International cricket council (ICC) blames five players for clashing events after the u-19 world cup finals. ۔ three of them are from Bangladesh while two are Indian players who have been sentenced.According to a press release issued by the international cricket council,these players have been found to be in violation of clause three of the ICC code of conduct.All five have admitted their mistake.

Bangladesh’s Mohammed Tawheed has been suspended for ten, Shameem Hussain for eight and Raqib-ul-Hasan for four matches, India’s Akash Singh has been suspended for eight matches while Ravi Bishnoi has been banned for five matches. Is.The ICC has expressed regret over the incident. After the success of the Bangladesh cricket team in the u-19 world cup final, the players of both the teams got involved with each other and in the meantime, the Indian players flagged the Bangladeshi flag, humiliation was also seen.

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